Easy Button : For managing my life… Really?

Have you ever wondered why your life is so complex. Everyday it tends to get inundated with a dozen new worries and at the end of the day, you go to bed with a heavier load of tensions than the previous night. How many times have you asked yourself “What should I do now?” or even “What would Jesus or Gandhi have done?” How would they have juggled their time and energy in balancing their jobs, kids, household chores, medical appointments and numerous other unexpected variables that keep popping each day out of nowhere.

I am sure most great and famous people might’ve fumbled on many of these fronts. Mahatma Gandhi, who led his country to independence and prosperity and  is fondly remembered even today as the Father of the Nation, in India, was considered a failure as a parent by his son. The Bollywood movie “Gandhi, My Father.” takes a closer look at Gandhi’s life from that angle and is an interesting watch. There’s a huge of list of great personalities who had failed marriages or great corporate managers and leaders who were in-adept in smoothly running their households.

We should take heart from the fact that we cannot be perfect in everything and instead of counting the number things we’re failing at, we should focus on our achievements. I am sure, if you can list a hundred examples of the former, you should be able to come up with at least one example of the latter. It could be anything like baking a delicious cake for child’s birthday or even managing to clean the bathroom on the weekend.

These small achievements, when highlighted, tend to induce positivity in the mind and kindle the desire to take on the next challenge life throws at you.

I wish I could’ve said “been there, done that” to life’s vagaries and their effect on the human mind, but I’d say “I’m still there and still trying to do something” to trump them. I am raising two boys on a modest income and this blog will be my humble attempt to provide some information to my readers, from my day to day experiences, that might alleviate the stress of the daily grind and provide a little motivation.


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