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प्यार की राह पे…

संग तेरे इस राह पे मैं जाऊँगा, संग तेरे उस राह पे मैं जाऊँगा,चाह तारों की तूने जो की है अगर, तोड़ तारे फलक से मैं ले आऊंगा। चाँद सबका तो कुछ है चाहता नहीं, चाँद मेरा जो चाहे वो कर जाऊँगा,रुसवा जग ने जो तुझको किया है अगर, रुसवा सारे ज़माने को कर जाऊँगा। […]

Physics… Friction… Gravity.. A middle schooler’s unique experience!

I opened my eyes as the alarm sounded and signaled 6:00 AM. It was the first day of my summer vacation and I had a plan this time. I would get up early and sit down twenty-four straight hours on my study table and finish my entire holiday homework on the very first day! Then life would be pure fun for the next two months.

I had no idea that something else was in store for me. As soon as I tried to get out of my bed, I just slid right through the bed and hit the floor. I had to grab the headboard with both my hands else I might have slid right out of my room and down the flight of stairs. I didn’t know what was wrong with me. I did not have any headache or fever; but still I was unable to get up to stand on my feet. I yelled for my mother to come and help me get up, but she shouted back from her bedroom that even she was lying down on the floor and was unable to get up. My father had been working late the previous night in his study and he shouted from there “Family! I saw a program on the news channel last night, it said that there will be no Friction today.”

I did not believe this at first. This sounded like many of those doomsday prediction programs that are being aired these days, claiming that the world would come to an end in 2012. But when all my efforts to stand up went in vain, I had to believe that friction had taken the day off.

Somehow, I managed to hold the furniture and slide myself to my study table. It was high noon by that time and I thought I should get on with my holiday homework. But to my dismay, I found out that I couldn’t even use my pen to write on the paper. I finally gave up the idea after a few failed attempts. The television in my Dad’s study was still on and I could hear the breaking news. Friction, or rather the absence of it, had wrecked havoc in the entire world. Nobody could drive or walk anywhere because they could never get ‘grip’ on the ground. Numerous injuries were reported due to people falling down. Cars that were in motion when the transition to zero-friction occurred could never stop and eventually crashed causing major accidents and property damage. In addition to all the misfortunes and accidents, a few funny things also happened due to the lack of Friction. The funniest experience occurred with actress Rakhi Sawant, who complained that she could not even comb her hair or brush her teeth, leave alone applying make-up. She wanted to file a court case against the person responsible for turning off friction!

There were so many other experiences that were shown in the news, few were funny but most were tragic. Finally the sun went down and the day came to an end. I thanked God as I wriggled to my bed and hoped that when I woke up tomorrow, Friction would be turned back on, as I had learned that it was impossible to survive without it.


Disclaimer – All situations & events depicted above were frictional.. err, I mean fictional and were jotted down by my middle-schooler to pay obeisance to the subject of Physics and the age-old ritual of holiday-homework in Indian Schools.