Beating The Heat & Pleasing The Wife: Getting Two Birds With One Stone

Hello Readers,
This is the hottest Sunday of the summer yet, with the mercury lingering close to the 110 mark. So what are you guys doing to keep cool today? I hate going to the public pools, so I offered my wife to take her to the mall so she could shop as much as she wanted.

So here I am, ensconced in a plush leather sofa at my neighborhood mall with my laptop, blogging away and even as I type this, I realize I should’ve said 3 birds in the title instead of two:-

How-come 3.. you ask.. eh?

Here you go:-

1.) Please the wife. Actually she was pleasantly shocked with my offer, as I had never in our 15 years of marriage taken this ‘initiative’. She has a noticeable spring in her step and that bodes well for the environment at home for at-least the next couple of days.

2.) Of course beating the sweltering heat would be next ‘bird’ coupled with the frugality factor (the air-conditioner at home can take a break for a day and contribute a little towards lowering the energy bill).

3.) And last but not the least, I can work in peace with the wife busy shopping and the kids playing games at the Apple store or at Game Stop.

We plan to be the last ones to leave the mall today.. I am not budging from this sofa till the mall closes and the mall staff pleads us to go home. This is a great vantage point to observe and analyze people as they stroll past me being uninhibited and unmindful of my presence.

I was just amused to see a pampered princess, hardly an year old, in a baby stroller with a small fan serving her royal highness as she fiddled with the latest version of I-phone (I guess they have stopped making baby toys and rattles these days)!




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