My Books: Short Stories and a Novella in the Pipeline

I just started working on my third book today. I had gotten the plot idea sometime back when I was traveling in the Amtrak. It was my first train journey in America and believe me, the number of interesting people one gets to see and the numerous little colorful incidents that occur during the span of a 14 hour train journey, constitute the making of a bestselling book or a blockbuster movie. No wonder Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express is a timeless masterpiece.

Here’s the list of the previous books that I’ve published on Amazon as kindle editions. Both are short stories. My third one is going to be a novella with some great thrills and drama and a memorable train journey across India! I will update my readers as soon as I am done with the book.

Not My Cup Of Tea! (Humorous Short Story)
Kindle Price: $0.99
Prime Members: $0.00

‘Not My Cup Of Tea’ is a humorous short story of a couple who love each other a lot but in the process of the daily grind and raising their two demanding kids, they feel that their relationship is getting a little strained as they aren’t able to devote much time towards each other. The story makes an interesting read, especially along with a piping hot cup of Masala Tea (and a little betting money) by your side!

Nilaufer’s Chauffeur
Kindle Price: $0.99
Prime Members: $0.00

Nilaufer’s Chauffeur is the story of a motherless little girl named Nilaufer who is the apple of her father’s eye. Nilaufer’s father is an emigrant who made it big in the United States by virtue of his hard work and discipline. He pampers Nilaufer to the hilt and showers her with loads of affection. He has a vision for her. He wants Nilaufer to follow his footsteps and be successful in life. He dreams that one day she will be rich and famous and will move about in a chauffeur-driven car. “Where is Nilaufer’s Chaffeur?”, He would jokingly tease her with this rhyming one-liner. Read on to explore the father-daughter relationship. This book will enrich both children and parents alike.


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2 responses to “My Books: Short Stories and a Novella in the Pipeline”

  1. Sanjay Garg says :

    So happy to know that you have started writing. You were the writer from the very beginning. How can I get to read these books?

  2. AJ Blogger says :

    Sanjay, Thanks for checking in.. Both books are available on Amazon.. and may I add that I have taken the liberty of naming the protagonist of ‘Not My Cup of Tea’ after you.

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