Frugal Living.. Tried living Without a Car? I’m out!

Well, I was able to do this for close to a month… but gave up yesterday!

When my car had died on Memorial day, I had vowed not to buy a new one and wanted to see if we could live without a car. After all, our home had an excellent walk-score and everything including shopping, schools, doctor’s office was at walking distance. My office was close to 3 miles but I had bought a bike (and accessories) for commuting to work.

I was very positive that I would be successful in my aim of saving close to $500 per month in car expenses (and even share frugal tips with friends) on how living without a car could be achieved and according to me everything was going great and as planned until…


They always say behind every successful man there is a woman, but they fail to mention that behind every unsuccessful man, is also a woman, with a rolling pin in her hands! So for the sake of harmony in matrimony, I had no option but to give in to DW’s demand “I want a car right now!”

So readers, we have a car now.. but I still continue the second part of my mission. That is the weight loss part. This week, I am down 1 more pound. I will still use my bike to commute to work and continue to watch my diet and exercise.

So at four weeks here is my progress:-

Weight lost till date : 3 pounds

I know its not much, but I’ll keep it slow and steady to win this part (despite DW being behind me). I hope she’s not adding extra butter in my food 😛

Time for my morning cuppa coffee!



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